eye exam

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our comprehensive eye exam consists of evaluating the total health of your eyes and assessing the visual status of your eyes. We screen for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other sight-threatening abnormalities. Our eyes are truly the windows to our souls. By viewing the blood vessels in your eyes, we can detect early signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other systemic diseases. A thorough examination involves utilizing the latest diagnostic technology. We are equipped with Topcon Auto-refractor, Topcon Noncontact tonometer, Medmont topographer, and the Zeiss Matrix Visual Field Analyzer.

Are you avoiding the eye doctor because you just don’t like the puff of air in your eyes? Upon request, we also now offer the Icare tonometer for measuring the pressure in your eyes. It’s the no drops, no puff, no-fuss method available at Spectrum Eye Care.

We constantly invest in new technology because we want to invest in you.

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