dry eyes

Dry Eyes & Allergies

Do you have dry, red, itchy, burning eyes? Dry Eye Syndrome is very uncomfortable. Fortunately, we have effective ways to treat it.

If there are not enough lubricating tears on the surface of your eyes, you may experience dry eye symptoms such as dry, red, itchy, burning, watery eyes. In a few cases, you may experience irritation and pain. Tear related problems are the most common medical reason people visit their eye doctor.

Over the counter, lubricating eye drops may temporarily relieve dry eye symptoms. Five minutes after placement, 80% of eye drops drain away from your eyes down into the nose and throat.

Punctal plugs or lacrimal occlusion can give long term relief. This is a prescribed partial blockage of your tear drainage ducts to preserve natural tears on the surface of the eyes. This procedure may provide you with long-term relief from dry eye symptoms. For many people, punctual plugs can reduce or even eliminate the need for lubricating eye drops.

Punctal plugs are small and non-dissolvable and may provide long term relief from dry eye symptoms. Plugs can be inserted in a matter of seconds. After placement, the plugs cannot be seen, won’t rub out or scratch your cornea and in most cases provide immediate long term relief to dry eye.
Worldwide, more than one million people have been treated with dissolvable and non-dissolvable plugs. Join the growing number of people who have chosen this method to relieve their dry eye symptoms. Ask us if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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