About Us

Spectrum Eye Care was founded in 2000. We are dedicated to serving the vision needs of our local Houston community.

Our Mission: At Spectrum Eye Care, we care about you and your eyes. We are committed to improving your quality of life by providing premium personalized eye care.

We offer computer-assisted exams using state of the art equipment to assess the refractive state of your eyes and your ocular health. We understand your vision needs and will provide you with the best form of correction available. Our services include determination of your eyeglass prescription, contact lens evaluation, treating red eyes, foreign body removal, diabetic eye exams, treatment and management of eye diseases.

We offer a large selection of fashion and designer frames and all lens options that are available. These include polycarbonate lens, high index lens, transition lens (the lens that changes color), anti-reflective coating, and progressive lens (no-line bifocals).

Don’t feel like wearing your glasses today? Our contact lens services include specialty lenses such as toric for astigmatism, progressive lens, and hybrid lens options for our challenging fits.

We also offer laser vision consultation and co-management. We discuss and help you determine the best refractive procedure for your eyes. This may include Lasik, PRK, or the latest correction ICL (implantable Collamer lens).

We screen for cataracts and also co-manage cataract surgery. We will help you chose the best lens implant options for you based on your individual needs and lifestyle. Implant options include single vision correction or multifocal lens which allows you to see far, intermediate, and near.

Our highly trained therapeutic optometrists stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology. We want to provide you and your family with the best vision care and options possible.

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